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The Clyde River is an anglers paradise

Fishing Adventures on the Clyde River!

The Clyde River is a fishing haven, offering a diverse range of fish species and BIG4 Batemans Bay at Easts Riverside is a serene backdrop for your fishing getaway. The Clyde River isn't just a scenic backdrop; it's an angler's paradise. With its clear waters and tranquil surroundings, it's the perfect place to unwind while waiting for that perfect catch.


Bringing a Boat

While you can simply cast a line at the front of the park, you might like to bring your boat. Convenient launch facilities are available at nearby boat ramps. The closest ramp is situated just west of our park just under the north side of the new bridge, providing easy access to both Clyde River and the Tasman Sea for your waterborne adventures. Please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss boat parking options for your stay. 


Fish Species to Target

Here's a snapshot of the fish species you can expect to encounter in Clyde River:

  • Bream: Found year-round, these fighters require finesse to catch.
  • Flathead: Easily recognizable due to their flat shape, they respond to various lures and bait.
  • Whiting: Most active during early mornings and late afternoons, these lively fish are a joy to catch.
  • Mulloway: A challenging catch, mulloway offer an exhilarating battle for experienced anglers.
  • Estuary Perch: Responsive to light tackle and careful technique, these agile fish inhabit the upper river.
  • Australian Salmon: Strong and exciting to catch, they're often found near the river mouth.
  • Tailor: Known for their aggression, tailor are enticed by live or fresh bait, especially during dawn and dusk.


Tips for Successful Fishing

  • Timing is Key: Watch the tides – they significantly impact fish behaviour. Fishing during changing tides can boost your chances.
  • Bait and Techniques: Experiment with bait and lures to find what works. Prawns, squid, and soft plastics are go-to options.
  • Varied Approaches: Adjust your fishing technique based on your target. From casting to trolling, try different methods.
  • Respect the Environment: Follow local fishing rules and guidelines, and consider catch and release for sustainable fishing. A recreational fishing licence is required to fish in NSW waters, both freshwater and saltwater. Please see the Service NSW website for more information.


Your Fishing Getaway

When you choose BIG4 Batemans Bay at Easts Riverside Holiday Park, you're choosing the ideal starting point for your fishing adventure. After a fulfilling day on the water, unwind in comfortable accommodation or on a caravan site and share your fishing stories around a BBQ or in the Camp Kitchen.


Plan your fishing getaway today and reel in unforgettable moments on the Clyde River!

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